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Our Mission

Dyslexia affects one in five of the population.  Irlen Syndrome affects sixty-five percent of Dyslexics and fourteen percent of the general population.  These two learning deficits go unnoticed across the world, children in our schools are misdiagnosed and mistreated due to the lack of awareness.  Our mission is to spread awareness to make these common challenges known to everyone.

“If we elect not to evaluate a child and that child later proves to have Dyslexia, we cannot give those years back to him.” Sally Shaywitz

Meet the Instructor

My name is Renae Bergen, I am 26 years old and have a passion for changing the lives of individuals with Dyslexia, Reading Lag and Irlen Syndrome. Living with my own struggles as a fellow Dyslexic and having completed the Loftier Learning Program for Reading, I have an incredible opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those who struggle with the same challenges I do. Dyslexics are the inventors of the world; right brain thinkers; the entrepreneurs. It is my mission to make it known to each of my students that they are brilliant and help them to better understand the way they learn so they can go into the world knowing their own self-worth. I recently discovered that I have severe symptoms of Irlen Syndrome as well as being Dyslexic.  Irlen Syndrome is a perceptual disorder; not a learning disability.  Through my diagnosis, I developed a deep fascination with Irlen Syndrome and took my training to become a certified Irlen Screener. I have come to realize that many people I mention Irlen Syndrome to have never heard of it.  People find it ironic that I teach others to learn how to read and educate them on their challenges.  I like to think that working alongside individuals who struggle as I do allows my students to become more vulnerable to me in their reading challenges. Irlen Syndrome is recognized in many parts of the world but unfortunately not locally. My goal is to raise awareness for both Irlen Syndrome and Dyslexia by continually looking for new ways to spread the word.

The Creators of Loftier Literacy Program

READiscover Literacy is a provider of Loftier Learning Program for Reading created by Bonnie and Marnon Wilde; they have worked with Dyslexic and reading lag students across three provinces. Over three hundred students with moderate and severe Dyslexia have been rehabilitated using the Loftier Learning Program for Reading, since 2003.

Bonnie is an inspiration to me and I always love to hear her inspiring ideas and encouragements through my walk as a Reading Practitioner.

Colleague and Mentor Lori Wiens

Lori Wiens is the Owner of Pathways Reading Therapy.  Working as a Certified Reading Therapist and Certified Dyslexia Determination Test Assessor.  Lori and I work together to reach out to individuals that struggle with reading challenges the Pembina Valley area.  It is thanks to Lori that I have had the great opportunity to become a Reading Practitioner and grow a passion in my career.

Irlen Diagnostician Val Rizok

Val Rizok is a Certified Irlen Screener and Certified Irlen Diagnostician.  Val lives in Dauphin, MB and has been a trained Irlen Diagnostician for over ten years.  Val specializes in helping individuals find the right Irlen Filters (glasses) for those diagnosed with Irlen Syndrome.  Val also provided my training to become an Irlen Screener in September 2018.