Reading Program

READiscover Literacy is a proud provider of Loftier Learning Program for Reading.  The program has a forty to a sixty-hour program which teaches a decoding method that has four steps matching the fastest thinking area of the right side of the brain in dyslexic students. Students have two lessons a week for an hour each time.

Irlen Diagnosis

READiscover Literacy is associated with a Certified Irlen Screener who can diagnose Irlen Syndrome.  The first Certified Screener in the Pembina Valley.  

The screening is done in-office out of Morden.  The test will prove the diagnosis and severity of Irlen Syndrome if it is present.  The report will state the choice of coloured overlay, and the severity of Irlen Syndrome.

Dyslexia Diagnosis

My colleague, Lori Wiens, is the Dyslexia Determination Test Assessor in the province of Manitoba; the test is done in-office out of Morden or via Skype.  The test will prove the diagnosis of Dyslexia if it is present, and stating the types of Dyslexia and their severities.  Contact Renae to book an appointment.


My goal is to eliminate the misconceptions about Dyslexia and Irlen Syndrome, as well as preventing students from being continually misdiagnosed as unintelligent and left not knowing what is going on.

If you would like me to speak at your school or hometown, please contact me, and I would love to connect with you.


Features of the Program

The program has a forty to sixty-hour format which teaches a decoding method that has four steps matching the fastest thinking area of the right side of the brain in Dyslexic students. It uses symbols to guide fluency in reading and visual cues to form long-term memory. Phonics are taught with a technique providing comprehension and ability to decode unfamiliar words. Some spelling, grammar, and sentence structure are taught at the end of each of the completed lessons; the focus is on the repetition of word decoding and fluency.


Program Benefits

I teach the Loftier Learning Program for Reading one-on-one allowing for a personal relationship and an understanding of how the student learns best. Confidence and self-esteem sky-rocket throughout the learning process and reading becomes quicker and smoother. Reading levels have been known to improve by an average of two to four reading levels.


Free Consultation

Thank you for visiting my site. Stamping out illiteracy starts with people like you to spread awareness about the reading challenges in our world today. Maybe you’re here today because you or a child or a loved one struggle with reading. Whatever the reason I am grateful you are here!

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