Jaxson’s Irlen Testimony

by Tammy Friesen (Jaxson’s Mother) April 27, 2019

“Jaxson has had his glasses now for just over 1 week. Just in awe at the improvements we have seen already! He has not once reached for his regular pair of glasses, always his Irlen glasses! The first thing he noticed was his brain felt calm, he wears them from morning to bedtime! I’ve noticed significant improvement in anxiety, ability to get school work done has just totally switched, he just does it now without meltdowns, anger or attitude! He really seems like a different kid….much happier! So glad we got him lenses and that he has relief now as well!”

“I honestly have to say that we really concerned about Jax prior to the lenses! He was really down and sad and just no pizaz to do anything! I just feel like he’s done a 360 already! So happy and motivated again, Im so amazed that coloured lenses can do amazing things like this!”